Found a little present under the tree. I wonder what Yoko asked Santa for.

Merry Christmas everyone!
☆*:.。. o(≧▽≦)o .。.:*☆

It’s December, but I’m ready for the beach

It’s December, but I’m ready for the beach

Im thankful for Yoko!
& maybe all of you guys too, just maybes tho

I woke up this morning as Yoko Littner 

I woke up this morning as Yoko Littner 


there’s always that one character you will defend until your dying breath no matter how flawed they are


I preordered these babies back when the first were released by Goodsmile company, around err.. January? Being an avid Gurren Lagann fan I had to buy! They were delayed for a bit since they were supposed to be released mid-summer, but I’m glad to have them now! The wait was totally worth it!

Man, was the SAL shipping box huge and really stuffed, I usually go EMS but I suppose the amiami elitist are right when they talk about their good shipping. 

The price was very good as well, 1,900 Yen on Amiami! 

I guess the photo order makes it sequential 

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS FIGURE! I want to start doing reviews on figures but I don’t have a camera that is quality to do so (yet).

The pink strap is adjustable which is a cute twist and the craftsmanship is superb. I bought this figure from Mandarake (this was my first purchase from that site) and on the site it said the figure was used and the box was damaged.

THERE IS NO DAMAGE! whatsoever. The figure actually looks brand new! The packaging was perfect, there were little plastic covers for her hair. The sniper rifle was latch-twisted with the plastic (those annoying twisty things that they put in little kid toys that take forever to open) and the box was taped. This can honestly pass as something never opened so either they take their time to make these figures look excellent, the person who sold this figure to this store had it boxed or they gave me a new figure (which is unlikely since this figure is older). 

well, i’m just very happy! 

When you find yourself lonely, become your waifu
I got it yesterday and I’M SO EXCITED FOR THIS WIG! I made this jacket last year and I need a few things to add to it. I don’t have her bikini yet but I think i might sew the pattern on the one I’m wearing now. I need socks/shoes :0 
(pardon my messy bathroom)


Happy early birthday to me! 

and the collection keeps growing ( #4)


Nia and Yoko from TTGL.

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Yoko Littner

They will pay

heck yes, yoko is a babe. don’t say otherwise